Friday, 30 September 2011

Week 10 – Tasks for Studio and Independent Study for Week 11

150 Words Describing Ideas for the Building's Direction in Design.

For my building, I wanted to go towards a different concept than the original building design and use. I thought of also using the concept idea from before to enhance and express the building in a more direct view of lighting. I wanted to create a building that would be over the top with the concept, so I decided to create a night club out of the old Australia Square Tower office building.
I wanted to see how it would look if I extenuate the lighting element of the building. The building's design is more of a range of disc arrangements that range from different sizes according to it's purpose.
The design is to also keep an element of the old original design of Australia Square Tower incorporated in with the new design. I  really think it will turn out well as long as the lighting prevails and succeeds with making the building look dramatic.

Building Montage Update

3RD Format Presentation
The 3rd technology I have chosen for my presentation is Revit Architecture 2010 and Ecotect Programs. They are Architectural CAD and Sustainable tools for designing buildings.
Revit Architecture 2010 is a CAD based program that helps design buildings from Floor Plans, Sections and Elevations to 3D views. It is very useful with designing and viewing it in 3D to get a feel and look of how it would be once it is made. It allows some very useful features such as 3D rendering, Walkthrough, Sun Shadow Diagrams, Massing and Site Analysis.
In Ecotect, this tool is used in accordance with Revit Architecture which helps with Insulation, thermal and cooling graphs inside a building.
These features really help with showing a building's design and how it's been appropriately designed for it's area and site. 
These can also help present a building in a way to people that help make viewers understand its position and impact on a site and it's surrounding environment.
I believe these will help present the new design by showing it's impact from an old office building to a new night club and how it would look in it's replacement.

A1 Interactive PDF Grid

More Inspired Buildings

AR Zombie Game - Pretty Cool! :P

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Week 9 – Tasks for Studio and Independent Study for Week 10

Concept Design Description
My concept version of the Australia Square Tower incorporates a few integrations of building ideas from several building designs. My idea is to turn Australia Square Tower into a night club venue and restaurant with a bar. With the main features are the lighting display on its shell, and how it can highlight and display different aspects of the building. Like it will show different light levels and colour for different floors and during certain nights for events that the night club will be active, the shell will act as an equaliser for the night club and its music.
My idea is to turn the traditional looking office tower into a modern lively active building, to turn the look and environment completely different from its original design and purpose. It’s original design was to have the restaurant floor rotating, but I want to have that feature on multiple levels in the building.

Inspired Images

Burj Khalifa - The World's Tallest Building

The Dynamic Tower Skyscraper by Italian architect David Fischer 

Suite Vollard Constructed Building - 
Each level is able to rotate individually in any direction, one full rotation takes one hour.

Inspired Youtube Videos

Dynamic Architecture - Rotating Tower

Sustainable Dance Club

Energy Generating Dance Floor

A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 Rooms

Conceptual Design Sketches

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Australia Square Tower - Exterior

Australia Square Tower - Interior Lobby